What Purpose Are These Guidelines Designed For?

Psychosis involves a disruption of thought processes marked by hallucinations and delusions. In
the early stages of a psychotic illness a definitive diagnosis can be extremely difficult to make.

These guidelines are intended principally for use by health care professionals in primary care
settings. They are designed to improve assessment, treatment and access to specialist services
for Salford patients.

Psychosis Epidemiology
3% of the population will be diagnosed with some form of psychotic disorder.
Psychosis affects men and women equally.
Psychosis is more prevalent in urban areas than rural areas, by a factor of 2 for males
and 5 for females.
The average treatment lag from onset of symptoms to onset of treatment is one year.
The longer the treatment lag, the worse the prognosis.
The high-risk age range is from 14 - 35.

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